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Following these initial forays into social media I made a few other accounts that are essentially add-ons to support or enhance existing social media accounts:

allows me to SCHEDULE tweets! Huge benefit for things known in advance like "Healthy Tip of the Day" or the house league game schedule

allows me to curate and annotate tweets from an event or topic, and save them for future reference

If This Then That
allows me to make internet rules or recipes that can do all sorts of things - tweet based on weather for example, archive tweets or save searches for a particular hashtag to a google spreadsheet
also allows me to post a picture to Instagram, and the recipe posts it to Twitter (not just the link, but the picture as well!)

allows me to shorten links so students can remember/write them down easier (also has analytics for checking traffic through the link)

Google Analytics
allows me to see web traffic, particularly on the school website

Manage Flitter
allows me to make Twitter follower/following decisions based on analytics data

Google Form - Google Sheets - AutoCrat Add-on

allows me to have others interact with our website and Twitter account without giving direct access. Student teachers

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