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Over time, other colleagues have got on board using Twitter in their own classroom. I keep track of them through the school account using Lists!

Lists are a whole other useful feature to help leverage the social media experience for myself, my colleagues, and our students. They're nice because you don't have to follow someone to put them on a list. If you do follow a lot of people, you can see only a certain subset of your followers, so that you don't have to search through a huge list of followers or miss items in a crowded home stream. Here are lists I've made:

- current staff
easy for me to find them and retweet anything interesting from the school's main account. I check this list regularly

- former staff
we miss them :( it's nice to stay in touch!

- faculty students
we like to recognize the volunteers and student faculty who join us for short time periods. Sometimes they come back later in their career!

- official school accounts
Assuming other schools are doing like I'm doing, I only follow official accounts. Not ones that say the vice principals name, or the school council. So far we have nearly 300 of the TDSB's 500 or so schools on our list!

- central TDSB department accounts
I go to these lists looking for serendipitous "stumble-upons", and I also share them with other teachers / schools from the TDSB.

- City of Toronto information
helpful for any of our parents who are new to Canada, or who may not realize the wealth of information and connections that are out there on Twitter!

- alumni
I made this one private for student safety. As soon as a current student follows us, I add them to this list so that I don't have to look for them once they graduate.

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